• Would you like to buy grafted walnut sapling and build a good walnut garden? Then, you are at the right address.


  • You will find the best quality and right walnut saplings according to their names in our firm. You can build the best walnut garden thanks to the information you get from us.


  • You can generate high income in a short time with the first class walnut saplings we produce with the Summer patch budding technique. We are always ready to help you about the setup of walnut garden and its care.


What We Do

Global Walnut Ltd. produces walnut varieties, which are the most popular and suitable to every high efficient area, for its customers in open fields as bare root. It exports the saplings it produces to mainly European countries, also Asian and African countries. It consults its customers before and after building the walnut gardens and provide for them to build the best walnut gardens and grow the best walnut trees.

Why Choose Us?

We’re visiting the gardens which will be built. If our customers demand, we are visiting the land before setting up the garden and with our customers we make decision on the spot about the most suitable garden shape which will be set up according to the conditions of the region and the structure of the land.
We provide for the garden to be built to choose the most suitable varieties. We provide for our customers to choose the most suitable varieties of walnuts according to information they gave us about the area which garden will be built on.
We visit the garden while the garden is being built. If our customers demand, we provide for the saplings to be planted with the right techniques by visiting the garden while the saplings are being planted.

Contact Us


13, Pliska Street Zagoriche Village
Shumen, Bulgaria


+359 89 2716844
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